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2008-09-15 18:28:34
extrahování *.7z
Zdravim, mám zašifrovaný soubor v *.7z. Při jeho extrahování mě WinRAR 3.80 beta 5 požádá 5x abych zadal heslo. Neměl by heslo žádat 1x?
2008-09-16 18:51:20
Re: extrahování *.7z
Roshal (autor WinRARu) tvrdi, ze je to dane pouzitim DLL, ktera se oficialne distribuuje pro 7z format a momentalne s tim nemuze nic moc delat:
I am not sure if it can be improved on WinRAR side. Maybe I'll
check it later, but chances are not high.

WinRAR uses 7zxa.dll library provided by 7z developer to decompress
7z archives and usually WinRAR just redirects password requests generated
by this library. It is not safe for WinRAR to ignore a part of such
password requests, because 7zxa.dll is expected to know better how many
passwords are needed for archive.